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Since 2002, Blazing Blends© has been offering you quality spice rubs with the most unique and flavorful selection of hand-ground spices available. This Website offers Chile Pepper Recipes including Barbeque Rib Recipe and BBQ Baby Back Rib Recipe.

Here you'll find several delicious blends, each containing no less than 7 different chilis and peppers, both familiar and exotic. Each blend is ground from dried whole or dried and coarsely chopped ingredients, carefully selected and based on over ten years of research (gathered from the discerning taste-buds of our family and friends).

We grind many of our blends by hand, and we use no salt or sugar.   Also, our spices are naturally low in carbs.  These unique blends are designed for serious spice fans for serious barbecuing... not the spices your mom used to buy at the supermarket. And now for the first time, Blazing Blends© spice rubs are available to the public including Chile Spice Blends. Use them at your next rib competition, or in your own backyard.  

So please, browse our website, and try out our amazing Blazing Blends© spice rubs. We guarantee you'll notice the difference









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Make perfect RIBS on the grill, in the smoker or in the oven.  For just $1.99 (includes S&H) you can receive a sample of spices large enough to flavor an entire rack of ribs. 

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Chili recipes with options for a healthy low fat chili or a chili packed full of brisket and pork. 


Blackened fish, steak, chicken, etc...

Our blends are the perfect rub for blackened dishes.  There's no sugar to burn and caramelize and the herbs and chiles take on a wonderful toasted flavor.




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